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PADI Costruzioni is not just a company working in the construction industry.

PADI Costruzioni is a group that encompasses diverse but complementary experiences and ambitions.

PADI Costruzioni was established in 2004. The founding partners wanted to create an organization capable of correctly interpreting every phase supporting the design and construction process. Moreover, the construction site becomes an opportunity for verifying, analysing and improving the design itself. Integrated design and construction are the key words for understanding the company’s philosophy: design is constantly evolving, not in its architectural content but in its technological and functional content.

A synergy between technical study, construction workers, design and client that accompanies every phase of the work. This approach soon proved to be a winning one: PADI Costruzioni immediately acquired major clients, whose primary demand need is to put its trust in a firm acting as General Contractor, coordinating every supplier, starting in the programming phase, involved in executing the project. After just two years, in 2006, MDB Architettura was established: branching off from PADI Costruzioni, this design studio keeps intact the imagination and artistry of the architects and designers who make it up while translating into design the experiences they have lived in worksite construction.

It is no accident that many clients choose the synergy between the two: the entrust their projects to PADI Costruzioni and MDB Architettura, to develop the entire history of their own projects, from the first design to the opening. In 2007 it was time for Volubilis, under the DELMA trademark: a sales network and a showroom in the centre of Milan featuring materials and finishings for interiors. Another piece in the puzzle forming the ambitious approach of integrated design and construction.

Clients and designers are supported from the very first phases of the project in the choices that involve even aesthetic and formal aspects. Meanwhile, as PADI Costruzioni acquires the most important ISO and SOA certifications, the knowledge that we had to provide an even more complete service, with no steps not under our control, gave rise in 2009 to PADI cdzeh2o, a company working in the design and installation of technological, electrical, plumbing, AC and heating systems.

The term General Contractor is becoming old hat: PADI Costruzioni now offers Global Construction service.

Our Works

Percassi_Wagamama_Malpensa Terminal 1
Hamerica's Bologna
Pandora Livorno – c.o. C.C. Fonti del Corallo
Roadhouse Grill Senigallia

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