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Construction as well as demolition, remodelling, animating, organizing.

These are the key words that frame the work of PADI Costruzioni.
A company born with the ambition to make every project a reality, and to meet even the most complex needs of professionals, companies and individuals.
From the estimate to the completion of the work, PADI Costruzioni is able to provide constant assistance and meet the highest quality standards: it has obtained ISO 9000 certification, yet one more effort aimed at ensuring a constant commitment to customer service.

PADI Costruzioni, a company made of specialists and cutting-edge equipment, supports the needs of professionals, adapts to the requirements of large companies, and understands the urgent needs of the private individual.
Every project is carried out as part of a relationship of constant mutual trust.
If building is important, conserving is even more so: that is why PADI Costruzioni dedicates a major share of its business to maintaining and remodelling.
Many companies trust PADI Costruzioni for monthly maintenance that ensures the proper functioning of every building, as well as for remodelling private homes, where attention to finishings and detail become synonymous with quality.

AS design partner, PADI Costruzioni offers professionals, companies and individuals a chance to cooperate directly in designing the project, from the first survey phases to the drafting of the construction plans, from writing the specifications to seeking the best technological solutions.
PADI Costruzioni is also able to handle the design of technical systems, offering certified systems that meet legal standards.
PADI Costruzioni has always built, demolished, remodelled, animated, organized and furnished the designs and dreams of its clients.


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Percassi_Wagamama_Malpensa Terminal 1
Hamerica's Bologna
Pandora Livorno – c.o. C.C. Fonti del Corallo
Roadhouse Grill Senigallia

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